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Lucky Star Spay Neuter Program News
A Publication of the Lucky Star Spay Neuter Program
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Volume 49 April 2012
Our Mission: To gather, recognize and celebrate the continuing annual commitment of each of our member veterinarians to provide some level of absolutely free spay neuter services to the needy animals of their choice, along with any other free services they choose to provide.

Our Lucky Stars
We are proud to present this roster of Lucky Star Veterinarians. Together these pro-fessionals have generously pledged 276 absolutely free spay neuter surgeries & other free services for needy animals of their choice in 2012, for which they have our admiration & thanks:

Dr. Ohad Barnea, Cliffside & Tenafly Animal Hospitals

Dr. Erno Hollo & Dr. Kelly Vex Basking Ridge Animal Hospital

Dr. Harvey E. Hummel,Andover Animal Hospital

Dr. Danci Mock, West Caldwell Animal Hospital

Dr. Maritza Perez, West Orange Animal Hospital

Dr. P. Picone, Audubon Veterinary Associates

Dr. Sandra Stalder-Frey, Alpha Veterinary Care

Dr. Iris M. Biely, People for Animals, Inc,Hillside

Dr. Carolyn Wooley, MCSNIP, Pennington

“Fixing” Breast Cancer?
Breast Cancer awareness isn’t just for humans! When a Chicago based designer offered to donate 50% of her Feb 2012 sales to S/N @ a Chicago humane society, she did so in memory of her once otherwise healthy, but un-spayed cat, diagnosed with breast cancer in ‘08 & dead 2 weeks later. Per the Veterinary Information Network: For dogs & cats spayed before sexual maturity, mammary cancer is “virtually unheard of.” Brynn Capella was unaware of this, as are many pet owners. Now she knows. But, too late for her cat.

SERVING The Underserved
Click on the link, or email us, for a study re how to reach the underserved, a focus of many S/N efforts. It’s filled with one "Ahh-Ha!" moment after another: how to find the under-served pet owner, how to win their trust, how to convince them to S/N, why NOT to do "breed specific" out-reach, the importance of frequent contact & follow up, what "advertising" approaches best reach this audience, why the belief that such outreach efforts draw from private practices is a myth, why shelter intake/ disposition stats don't tell the real story, and more....!

Ark Sciences is preparing for U.S. launch of this permanent, injectable, single treatment male dog sterilant. Text & video demo for veterinarians, info for shelters & rescues at

NJ TAX Check Off Donate for S/n
You can donate to S/N when you file your 2011 NJ Income Taxes. Here’s how: On line 63 of NJ 1040, check “Other”. On that same line, write the code “10” in the 2 digit box to the right, & on same line, on far right, enter amount you want to contribute. Forgot? Still time! Computers make it easy to change your return! NJ S/N program details @

NJ S/N License Plates-Got Yours?
Go to any MV agency w/current plates & re-gistration, pay a 1-time $50 fee (then $10 yrly renewal ) & leave w/ “Animal Friendly” plates! or call 1-888-486-3339 (8:30-4:30,M-F) to get plates by mail. $50 initial fee goes to NJ’s low cost S/N fund.

Every Spay Neuter Saves Lives & $’s

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