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Lucky Star Spay Neuter Program News
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Volume 37 April 2010
Our Mission: To gather, recognize and celebrate the continuing annual commitment of each of our member veterinarians to provide some level of absolutely free spay neuter services to the needy animals of their choice, along with any other free services they choose to provide.

Our Lucky Stars
We currently have 9 member veterinarians in private practice and 1 spay neuter clinic participating, representing 9 hospitals in 9 NJ towns. Together these professionals have generously pledged 226 absolutely free spay neuter surgeries and other services for needy animals in 2010:

Dr. Ohad Barnea, Cliffside & Tenafly Animal Hospitals

Drs. Erno Hollo, Kelly Vex,& Joseph Bloom Basking Ridge Animal Hospital

Dr. Harvey E. Hummel,Andover Animal Hospital

Dr. Danci Mock, West Caldwell Animal Hospital

Dr. Maritza Perez, West Orange Animal Hospital

Dr. P. Picone, Audubon Veterinary Associates

Dr. Sandra Stalder-Frey, Alpha Veterinary Care

Dr. Iris M. Biely, People for Animals, Inc,Hillside MEET “BASTET”!

CAIRO Jan 2010 (AP) – Archaeologists found a 2,000-yr-old temple that may have been dedicated to the cat goddess “Bastet”. Ruins were in Alexandria, founded in the 4th century B.C. & the seat of the Greek-speaking dynasty which ruled Egypt for 300 yrs until the suicide of Queen Cleopatra.

The Daily Record reported in March on concern over attention being given to TNR by the NJ Div. of Fish & Wildlife. The State Fish & Game Council has condemned the idea of leaving cats in the wild & another committee reporting to the DEP is studying TNR. The Legislature has deemed cats to be domestic animals. The Dept of Heath has jurisdiction over animal control including stray cats. If ferals are re classed as wildlife, this could end the growing number of TNR programs & allow the animals to be hunted.

Barriers to Spay Neuter
Pet Smart Charities shares research on opinions re pet homelessness, adoption & S/N to help break down barriers & create lifesaving solutions. Re: S/N, most said confusion about right age for S/N as well as cost were biggest barriers. Of those whose pets had litters, 53% of dog owners & 54% of cat owners said “it was an accident.” Though 62% of responders were aware of low-cost S/N clinics, most said they placed a higher level of trust in private veterinary hospitals. Conclusions: Messages about how S/N reduces the # of homeless/unwanted animals are best to encourage people to have their pets S/N’d, along with education re: the safety & quality of low-cost clinics & the appropriate age for a pet to undergo surgery. For a summary of the research: see

“...76 % of respondents estimated the # of pets euthanized in shelters every year at 1 million or fewer. In reality, that number is about 4 million pets every year. So, while the public knows there is a problem, the public doesn’t know just how serious that problem is.”

S. Della Maddalena....Pet Smart Charities, Inc.