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Volume 29 December 2008
Our Mission: To gather, recognize and celebrate the continuing annual commitment of each of our member veterinarians to provide some level of absolutely free spay neuter services to the needy animals of their choice, along with any other free services they choose to provide.

Our Lucky Stars
We currently have 10 member veterinarians in private practice and 1 spay neuter clinic participating, representing 9 hospitals in 9 NJ towns.

Together these professionals have generously pledged 226 absolutely free spay neuter surgeries and other services for needy animals in 2008:

Dr. Ohad Barnea, Cliffside & Tenafly Animal Hospitals

Drs. Erno Hollo, Kelly Vex, Joseph Bloom & Kellie Daly Basking Ridge Animal Hospital

Dr. Harvey E. Hummel,Andover Animal Hospital

Dr. Danci Mock, West Caldwell Animal Hospital

Dr. Maritza Perez, West Orange Animal Hospital

Dr. P. Picone, Audubon Veterinary Associates

Dr. Sandra Stalder-Frey, Alpha Veterinary Care

Dr. Iris Furlong, People for Animals, Inc,Hillside

Lucky Star pledges top 1,000!
Through December 31 2008, the spay neuter pledges of our Lucky Stars total 1,102, up 226 from 2007’s cumulative total of 876!!

Regardless of views pro or con on TNR, the new CD/DVD combo “Effectively Managing Feral Cats” published by the HSUS, including practical techniques pioneered by “Neighborhood Cats” (the NYC grass roots group & recognized experts on these issues) has much to offer anyone wrestling with this issue. At $9.99, it is a unique gift for animal lover, library, health dept, ACO, new or experienced feral cat caregiver, veterinarian, veterinary tech or student. Purchase at click on publications.

Michelson Offers $75 MILLION
The Found Animals Foundation & the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs announced The Michelson Prize in Reproductive Biology in October. This international competition is aimed at solving pet overpopulation, encouraging researchers from many fields to take on the challenge of non-surgical pet sterilization. “Found Animals” is a 501(c)3, formed by inventor & entrepreneur Dr. Gary Michelson, one of Forbes 400 Richest Americans. For those who have dreamed of a b/millionaire devoting his/her $’s to this cause, maybe dreams really can come true!

“We’re killing millions of pets annually in the U.S. for the simple lack of a home and sterilization programs are the only viable solution.”
Dr. Gary Michelson

Until Then......
The feral cat raiding a garbage can or the stray dog looking for a place to have her puppies know nothing of the financial turmoil now underway. Through good times & bad, animals depend on people to do the right thing....spay/neuter is probably the single most important “right thing” that we can do. Every single spay neuter prevents a whole chain of suffering.
Spay Day USA IS Feb 24, 2009!

Send your Photos!
We are happy to publish photos of any of your Lucky Star patients! Snap a photo & make them a Star!

Happy Holidays,
a safe, healthy New Year
and a swift economic recovery!