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Volume 82 October 2017
Our Mission: To gather, recognize and celebrate the continuing annual commitment of each of our member veterinarians to provide some level of absolutely free spay neuter services to the needy animals of their choice, along with any other free services they choose to provide.

Our Lucky Stars
We are proud to present this roster of Lucky Star Veterinarians. Together these 11 professionals have generously pledged 708 absolutely free spay neuter surgeries & other free services for needy animals of their choice in 2017, for which they have our admiration & thanks:

Dr. Ohad Barnea, Tenafly Veterinary Center

Dr. Sarah Barnes, Eleos Veterinary Service

Dr. Erno Hollo & Dr. Kelly Vex Basking Ridge Animal Hospital

Dr. Harvey E. Hummel, Andover Animal Hospital, Newton

Dr. Danci Mock, West Caldwell Animal Hospital

Dr. Maritza Perez, West Orange Animal Hospital

Dr. P. Picone, Audubon Veterinary Associates

Dr. Sandra Stalder-Frey, Alpha Veterinary Care

Dr. Carolyn Wooley, MCSNIP, Pennington

Dr. David Croman, Medical Director, People for Animals, Inc., Hillside, Robbinsville & Clayton

Freeholders unanimously voted to allow the county ACO & shelter to use TNR. It's a "huge" step, said People for Animals Director Jane Guillaume. But, TNR can't be enforced unless the town where ferals are picked up allows it. So far, not one of the 24 towns does. The Co. shelter has one of the highest kill rates for impounded animals in NJ. In 2015, 2,834 cats came in & 62% were killed. In 2014,shelter director Lombardi said euthanasia is a "humane death" compared to what feral cats face in the elements. That's the argument TNR advocates need to overcome. Projected cost-savings could help. It costs about $80 to trap, treat. feed & board until the NJ-mandated 7-day hold period expires. TNR costs $35 per cat to trap, S/N & release.


Associated Humane Societies' Mobile S/N Unit offers low cost S/N, vaccines & micro-chips. All animals S/N’d get nails clipped, ears cleaned & a tattoo showing that they have been “fixed”. Mobile Unit also works with TNR groups to fix feral cats, providing rabies shots & ear tipping. The Mobile S/N Unit will be visiting towns in Essex, Hudson & Union Cos. with plans to visit Ocean & Monmouth. They assist colony care-takers, senior communities, health departments, & animal shelters. For more information re plans, fees and scheduling call Debbie at 973-824-7080, Ext. 118. (Editor’s Note: I was fortunate to see this clinic on location in Essex County soon after it began operations quite a number of years ago. I was literally brought to tears knowing how critically important this kind of help is to feral colony caretakers) More info at

“National Feral Cat Day” is becoming “Global Cat Day” on October 16, 2017, which will still be a day of action & public education with activities like TNR workshops, cat food drives & S/N Clinics, but now with a global reach. More @

The Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs will hold their 6th International Symposium on Non-surgical Contraceptive Methods of Pet Population Control, July 24-26, 2018, @ Courtyard by Marriott Boston, Massachusetts

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt


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