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Lucky Star Spay Neuter Program News
A Publication of the Lucky Star Spay Neuter Program
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Volume 41 December 2010
Our Mission: To gather, recognize and celebrate the continuing annual commitment of each of our member veterinarians to provide some level of absolutely free spay neuter services to the needy animals of their choice, along with any other free services they choose to provide.

Our Lucky Stars
We currently have 8 member veterinarians in private practice and 1 spay neuter clinic participating, representing 9 hospitals in 9 NJ towns.

Together these professionals have generously pledged 226 absolutely free spay neuter surgeries and other services for needy animals in 2010:

Dr. Ohad Barnea, Cliffside & Tenafly Animal Hospitals

Dr. Erno Hollo & Dr. Kelly Vex Basking Ridge Animal Hospital

Dr. Harvey E. Hummel,Andover Animal Hospital

Dr. Danci Mock, West Caldwell Animal Hospital

Dr. Maritza Perez, West Orange Animal Hospital

Dr. P. Picone, Audubon Veterinary Associates

Dr. Sandra Stalder-Frey, Alpha Veterinary Care

Dr. Iris M. Biely, People for Animals, Inc,Hillside

PFA Plans New Mercer Clinic
On 9-1-10, People for Animals (PFA) purchased a Mercer County building, just outside Trenton, to be their 2nd high volume low cost S/N clinic. Many more $’s needed to open! Donate

Info re Shelter Adoptions
Per the HSUS: “While 63% of American households include pets, only 10% of owned dogs & 18% of owned cats are adopted from animal shelters.” I found this shocking, until I looked at my own history! Of the 6 animals I have shared my life with, only 2 came from shelters! (1 from an “absolutely free” ad, 1 from the local A&P, 1 given to us by a friend and 1 purchased from a breeder.)

There is now a new way to help more NJ animals receive spay neuter surgeries. It is the new “S/N donation option” now available on NJ 1040 Resident Income Tax returns for 2010. Everyone can help get the word out to NJ’s animal lovers. The “Letter” on the reverse side can be used “as is” or you might want to edit or extract from it. (If you would like an electronic copy, email us.) It can be included in your holiday mailings, posted in your office, on your website, blog or facebook page. The possibilities are endless. The vast network of animal lovers in NJ can help make the funding of more spay neuters for needy animals a reality! Every opportunity to spay neuter another animal is cause for celebration!

Lucky Star Pledges- A History
As we look ahead to 2011, I wanted to share this summary of the commitments of this very special group of generous professionals:

2003: 4
2004: 202
2005: 222
2006: 222
2007: 226
2008: 226
2009: 226
2010: 226
Total S/N’s pledged 1,554 !!!!!!

Happy Holidays
And a Safe, Healthy
And Prosperous New Year

“May this be your Lucky Star”
Spay Day USA is Feb 22 , 2011

NJ Income Tax Check-off Option for Cat & Dog Spay/Neuter Funding is Here!

Over 37,000 dogs and cats are euthanized every year in NJ animal shelters and pounds!!!!! That’s the bad news. The good news is that “The Cat and Dog Spay/Neuter Fund”, to help save the lives of NJ Dogs and Cats, is now one of NJ’s Income Tax Check-Off Options!

The NJ Dept. of Health & Senior Services Animal Population Control Program contracts with over 160 participating veterinary hospitals in NJ to provide spay/neuter services at either $10 for animals owned by NJ residents on public assistance programs, or $20 for those which have been adopted from NJ animal shelters/pounds or rescue groups. Current demand for this program far exceeds the available funding from NJ Animal Friendly License Plate sales & dog licensing surcharge fees. Your contributions through the new Income Tax Check-Off option will help fund more spay/neuter surgeries for NJ’s dogs and cats and thereby reduce the number of animals euthanized every year in NJ. (More info at )

Please tell your tax preparer that you want to use this newly available option. If you have a 2010 tax folder, please put this note in it now, so you will have it at tax time.

The latest information is that you will go to Line 63-“Other Designated Contribution” on the 2010 NJ Resident 1040, enter fund number “10” (for the “Cat and Dog Spay/Neuter Fund”) and then enter the amount you wish to donate. (Once tax forms are available, be sure you have the intended fund number and be sure to indicate the amount you wish to donate.) Funds designated for spay/neuter services are overseen by the Governor’s Domestic Companion Animal Council, a group of animal advocates established to make sure that the money collected will be used only for the purpose stated.

This is a chance for NJ animal lovers working together to make a big impact on the suffering inherent in the enormous problem of companion animal overpopulation. We can also help reduce the substantial costs now incurred by state and local governments trying to cope with the huge number of unwanted animals. Amid the many appeals you receive, please consider this one very seriously. Every spay/neuter surgery prevents a whole chain of future suffering and death. Your donation, large or small, can make a real difference for those animals that need our help the most.

Thank you!

(for an electronic copy of this flyer, please email: